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The lifejacket is the most priceless accessory when heading to sea. From sea sports to multiple day cruising, the basic safety is always the lifejacket. MARITA HELLAS SA as Official Distributor of Crewsaver offers the best in market lifejackets covering the most demanding needs. Overweight, infant, child or adult, from 150N to 290N, are among the range of the lifejackets that a client can ask MARITA HELLAS SA for.

Expert Design

Crewsaver’s expert designers work closely with the most experienced lifeboat crews, as well as elite round-the-word racers used to pushing their limits within the extreme wind and wave conditions of the Southern Ocean. With their unique insight we are able, step by step, to refine every aspect of our lifejackets’ design and construction.

We feed these innovations directly into each of our lifejacket ranges, whether for commercial or leisure use, ensuring that whatever your reason for being afloat, your safety is never compromised.

Materials & Fabrics

Whether you seek comfort, functionality, approval, reliability, longevity or strength, we have a Crewsaver lifejacket to suit you. Our design team carefully chooses the best and most appropriate materials for each product, ensuring the ultimate in comfort and longevity for the individual environment. We then combine our in depth know-how with the latest technology to construct quality products which offer you the best possible performance.

A great example of this is the Riverseal® fabric that we use in all of our lifejacket bladders. Crewsaver was one of the first companies to incorporate this fabric into lifejacket designs, so providing the strongest and most resilient bladders on the market.

When it comes to the covers for our lifejackets, we principally use a highly durable 300d polyester with an anti-fray PU coating. Despite being soft and comfortable to wear, the fabric is tough enough to protect the jacket’s mechanisms to ensure its reliability and thereby your safety.

Within the Ergofit range, we have developed a 300d polyester fabric with a dobby weave that we have tri-laminated with a mesh and cushioning foam. This construction method provides structure and shape to the lifejacket cover, while also protecting the bladder inside. The result is excellent performance combined with a unique and stylish look.

Within our commercial range, we produce wipe-clean coated PVC covers to ensure complete safety and practicality in the workplace. We also incorporate fire resistant aluminised cloth into more tailored products for highly specialised working environments and the fire and rescue services.

Our research team is continually assessing how new technology can improve and develop fabrics for all types of lifejacket. However all new candidates must meet our strict high standards for comfort, practicality and safety before we begin to incorporate them within our lifejacket designs.

Bladder Technology

Our design philosophy begins with approval standards. To this we add the Crewsaver difference brought about by our complete understanding of both daily life and emergency survival in extreme marine environments. All of our products are designed, tried and tested with real life situations in mind, allowing you to rely on them completely.

For example, all of our lifejacket bladders are designed ergonomically for every day use but without compromise for your survival in the very worst scenarios. In normal conditions, the 3D sculptured shaping gives you maximum comfort and our sculpted sides allow you to move freely and without hindrance. However should an emergency arise and you find yourself in the water, you’ll find our unique designs inflate quickly and reliably. They have buoyancy distribution to keep your mouth well above the water, known as mouth freeboard, and top of the range turning properties to safely float you on your back. Our inflatable chin support will also help to keep your airways clear.

Firing Mechanisms

Crewsaver works tirelessly with the world’s leading firing mechanism manufactures to ensure that all the units we use offer the best possible performance within each individual lifejacket design. The Hammar firing system alone comes in four different variations to suit your requirements, including the use of soft tabs to help prevent snagging in a working environment.

In addition, we are proud to have introduced the Prosensor Mk3 operating head into our Ergofit lifejackets as the culmination of a project with one of our valued suppliers.

With an improved mechanism, the head operates in less than a second of coming into contact with water. Just as importantly, it also includes a new anti-tamper locking system. We have combined the Prosensor Mk3 with the MK5i capsule, which incorporates a new sealing method to help prevent inadvertent firings.

With great success within the ErgoFit range, we are now incorporating the Prosensor Mk3 into some of our other lifejacket designs.

Whatever your circumstances, be sure to choose your offshore lifejacket carefully. Whether you are selecting for yourself, your family, your crew or your work colleagues, you should consider worst-case scenarios and the type of lifejacket everyone should be wearing for their ultimate safety overboard in that environment.

Using our ErgoFit lifejacket as an example, here we demonstrate the essentials of lifejacket design complete with a guide to our very latest safety features. This will help consolidate your knowledge and allow you to identify the features you need for your own specific use. Then simply pair up the features with our comprehensive lifejacket range to select the very best model for you

Lifejackets come in many shapes and sizes but there are integral safety features that all designs will have in common. For example, a gas lifejacket that is ISO approved must include retro reflective tape, an accessible whistle and a lifting becket. Other features such as a light and hood are optional extras, which may or may not be included when you pick a lifejacket off the shelf. Make sure you know what your lifejacket includes and how everything works.

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