About Us



MARITA HELLAS SA was founded in 1973 by Captain Nick Malliris. Since its foundation the company has focused on building trusting relationships with its customers and partners.

MARITA HELLAS SA is an established company in the field of marine Safety poviding total solutions in respect of Safety and Life Saving Appliances onboard with and experience of more than 35 years. Since 1978 the company provides  service to liferaft and fire extinguishers as well as installing fire extinguishing systems. At the same time the company has developed the trade of a wide range of marine products such as ropes, anodes, paints, horns, sirens, navigation lights.

In 1995 MARITA HELLAS SA was the first company in Greece to install and service M.E.S. (Marine Evacuation Systems) of R.F.D., a worldwide innovative technology in sea lifesaving. Due to the rising demands of the shipping industry as well as continuously increasing customers’ needs, MARITA HELLAS SA proceeding in expanding its facilities in a 3000 sq.m. in BI.PA Sxisto.

Through our new facilities we are able to provide a wide range of service activities, including service of equipment, repairs, inspections etc. MARITA HELLAS SA has nurtured a committed and motivated employee group with improving skills and knowledge that handle all customer needs under high quality standards and responsibility. MARITA HELLAS SA has established a reputation in safety for all kinds of ships due to its longlasting experience and know – how of the maritime industry.

Our company’s philoshophy towards being attentive and responsive to individual customer needs,combined with our high quality products and services as well as entrepreneurial spirit gives us a competitive edge in the Greek Shipping industry.