Available in 632,474 and 316 passenger capacities

Marin Ark 632 opens a brand new era for Marine Evacuation Systems, with the largest, safest and most cost –effective dry – shod MES in the world.

Marin Ark 632 is a completely new design: the liferafts, each with a total capacity of 158 passengers, feature a suspended floor ensuring maximum thermal protection and multiple buoyancy compartments to ensure most safety in the toughest sea conditions.


The innovative helical slide path integrates the benefits of a fully enclosed evacuation chute with the natural descent of a spiral slide-crew members can even ascend to assist other passenger if required. One of the most dynamic design features of this new system is the integration of a service winch into the stowage unit which allows for the entire unit to be deposited onto a tug or truck during service periods thus in most cases eliminating the requirement for a crane during the service. Already accepted by some of the leading names in the industry, this system sets a new standard for Marine Evacuation Systems.